7 Dec. 1998

Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs in his capacity as President of the EU Council Meets with NATO Secretary General

Tomorrow, Tuesday 8 December, the Austrian Foreign Minister, Dr. Wolfgang Schssel, in his capacity as President of the EU Council, will meet with the NATO Secretary General, Dr. Javier Solana for an informal exchange of views on issues of current concern such as Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


1815 Dr. Schssel meets NATO Secretary General in the Private Office - Due to the limited space available, only a small pool will be allowed to cover the first minutes of this meeting.


General press arrangements: Dr. Harald Bungarten +32.2.707 5039
Films, Video, TV, Radio: Mr. G. De Brouwer +32.2.707 5049
Photos: Mr. A.J. Soares +32.2.707 5046

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