7 Dec. 1998

NADC Activities with the Russian Federation

8-10 December 1998

Under the aegis of the NATO Air Defence Committee, a second joint exercise has been organised at Manching airbase in Germany to carry out a static loading of a NATO Patriot surface to air missiles systems by a Russian ANTONOV-22 heavy transport aircraft. This will represent the second practical test in preparation for potential cooperation in case of combined peace support operations.

The invitation by the German Authorities follows from an initial meeting in November 1997 in Moscow between a NATO team and a team from the Russian Federation when technical aspects of air-to-air refuelling and air transport of oversized air defence equipment were discussed and a first static loading test with a NATO mobile air defence radar and an Iluyshin -76 Russian aircraft in October 1998 at Kayseri, Turkey.

Follow-on tests in France and the United Kingdom are envisaged in 1999 where also air-to-air refuelling tests are anticipated to take place.

Note to Editors

The NATO AIR DEFENCE COMMITTEE (NADC) is the senior advisory body advising the North Atlantic Council on all air defence matters and includes all NATO nations. The NADC meets twice a year with senior representatives from Partnership for Peace (PfP) nations.

For further information on the NADC, please contact:

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