Statement (98)146

9 Dec. 1998

NATO-Ukraine Commission

meeting at Foreign Ministers' level
held at NATO Headquarters, Brussels,
on 9 December 1998

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met today in Foreign Ministers' session at NATO HQ in Brussels. Ministers witnessed the signature by NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and Foreign Minister of Ukraine Borys Tarasyuk of a Memorandum of Understanding between NATO and Ukraine on the appointment of two NATO Liaison Officers in Kyiv. These officers will work both to facilitate Ukraine's full participation in PfP and to enhance contacts between NATO and Ukrainian authorities. NATO expects to appoint the two Officers in early 1999.

Ministers reviewed the wide range of projects undertaken in 1998 to implement the NATO-Ukraine Charter and discussed and approved the way forward for activities to be implemented in 1999. Ministers agreed that these undertakings are indicative of the further development and improvement of the distinctive partnership between NATO and Ukraine.

NATO Ministers welcomed the announcement of Ukraine's "State Programme of Cooperation with NATO to the Year 2001" recently approved by the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma as a tangible signal of Ukraine's commitment to a productive relationship with NATO.

Ministers noted with satisfaction the continuing work of the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform, which was established earlier this year to facilitate on-going reforms in the Ukrainian defence establishment. They welcomed the fact that the NATO-Ukraine Commission will meet in Defense Ministers session on 18 December 1998 to review the achievements and priorities in the defence field.

The Commission also held a political consultation on the question of conflict prevention and crisis management, with particular attention being paid to lessons to be drawn from the common experience in the former Yugoslavia. Ministers discussed a broad range of problems related to security and stability in Europe, and substantial convergence of views emerged among its members. NATO Ministers appreciated Ukraine's contribution to SFOR and in the NATO Kosovo Air Verification Mission.

Ministers agreed that the first Commission meeting at Summit level should be held in Washington in April 1999 in the context of the events planned to mark NATO's 50th Anniversary.

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