20 Nov. 1998

Partnership for Peace Workshop and Exercise on the theme of a Catastrophe in the Underground Railway System of a large town

Brussels (Belgium) from 23rd To 24th November 1998

  • A workshop and an exercise devoted to the various aspects of preparing for disasters in underground public transport systems and of managing emergencies of that type will be held on 23rd and 24th November 1998 in Brussels. This event is designated SUBCAT (SUBway CATastrophe)98.

  • The activities are jointly organised by the Fire and Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SIAMU) of the Brussels-Capital region, the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB) and the Commission for National Defence Problems (CPND) in the framework of NATO's Partnership for Peace programme and with the support of the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Directorate.

  • The aim of the workshop and exercise, which are of particular relevance for local emergency assistance and first response services in urban areas, is to exchange ideas and experiences in order to improve knowledge about the different aspects of emergencies in subways or underground railways. In addition, a practical emergency response in an underground station of Brussels City will allow participants and observers to learn real and concrete lessons applicable to possible future incidents.

  • More than one hundred people, a third of them from some fifteen NATO cooperation partners or member states, will take part in SUBCAT 98. The workshop will be held at the Caserne des Pompiers (Fire Service barracks), Avenue de l'Hliport 15, 1000 Brussels. The exercise will be in the Heysel underground station.

  • Further information can be obtained from Mr L. Servais, NATO Civil Emergency Planning Directorate (tel. + 322 707 46 50) or from Col. Verbist, Secretary of the Commission for National Defence Problems, Brussels (tel. + 322 501 48 65).

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