5 November 1998

EAPC Seminar on the Development of Baltic Defence Structures

Vilnius, Lithuania, 5-6 November 1998

On 5-6 November, a seminar under the auspices of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The seminar, covering the Development of Baltic Defence Structures, is one of two regional security cooperation activities agreed in the EAPC Action Plan for 1998.

Increased consultations and cooperation on regional matters are among the new opportunities provided by the EAPC and the enhanced Partnership for Peace (PfP). As with other EAPC regional activities, the seminar should help contribute to ensuring transparency in the region and help build confidence by allowing neighbouring countries amongst others to discuss the developments that are taking place.

One of the main practical objectives of the seminar will be to summarise the accomplishments achieved in the development of Baltic defence structures, identifying the difficulties and problems which have been encountered. The seminar will examine how PfP and the Planning and Review Process (PARP) have been used in this process, and seek ideas on further or better use of these tools to help develop priority defence areas. The seminar would also address the role that bilateral and multilateral cooperation has played in this process, both amongst the Baltic states and between the Baltic States and Allied or other Partner nations.

It would also provide an opportunity to develop share Baltic experience to date with other PfP countries who may face similar issues as they reform their armed forces.

Note to editors:
For further information, please contact Robert Weaver (Tel: +322 707 4197) at the Partnership and Cooperation Section, Political Affairs Division or Maria Bingen (Tel: +322 707 4254) at the Defence Partnership and Cooperation Section, Defence Policy and Operations Division at NATO HQ, Brussels.

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