12 Oct. 1998

EAPC Seminar on Practical Approaches to Regional Security Cooperation in the Caucasus

Gudauri, Georgia, 15-16 October 1998

On 15-16 October 1998, a seminar under the auspices of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) will take place at Gudauri, 120 km north of Tbilissi, Georgia. The seminar, covering practical approaches to regional security in the Caucasus, is one of two regional security cooperation activities agreed in the EAPC Action Plan for 1998.

Increased consultation and cooperation on regional matters are among the new opportunities provided by the EAPC and the enhanced Partnership for Peace.

The seminar will focus on defence-related economic issues; scientific and regional cooperation; civil emergency and disaster preparedness; and technical cooperation in military areas, such as mine clearance as well as ammunition storage and disposal.

Experts from ten NATO countries and twelve Partner countries are scheduled to participate in this first EAPC seminar dealing with regional security cooperation. All countries of the region will participate. During the recent visit of NATO Secretary General Solana to the region, his interlocutors showed a great interest in the EAPC seminar and its potential contribution to regional cooperation.

The objectives of the seminar are : to increase awareness of the potential for security cooperation in the Caucasus; to discuss lessons learnt from regional cooperation elsewhere; and to exchange experience and discuss practical cooperation areas in the EAPC/PfP framework.

Note to editors:

For further information, please contact Pol De Witte (Tel +32 2 707 4860, Fax +32 2 707 228), Partnership & Cooperation Section, Political Affairs Division at NATO Headquarters, Brussels.

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