6 July 1998

Visit by the Bulgarian President,
Mr. Petar Stoyanov, to NATO on 10 July 1998


The Bulgarian President, Mr. Petar Stoyanov, will visit NATO Headquarters on Friday, 10 July, to meet the Secretary General, Dr. Javier Solana. The visit will begin at 11:30. President Stoyanov's departure is expected at 12:15.


Programme of the Visit

11:30 NATO main entrance. Arrival of Mr. Stoyanov.
Open coverage on a first-come, first-served basis.
Followed immediately by meeting with Secretary General in the Private Office.
In view of the limited space available, only a restricted pool will be authorized to cover the beginning of the meeting.
12:00 NATO main entrance.
Meeting with the press.
Departure of the President of Bulgaria at around 12:15.
Open coverage.


Journalists wishing to cover the visit of the Bulgarian President will be allowed into the NATO premises on presentation of a NATO accreditation pass or a valid press pass. Photographers and cameramen wishing to be part of the Restricted Pool should contact Mr. N. Fiorenza.


General press arrangements : Mr. N. Fiorenza 32.2.707 5044
Films, Video, TV, Radio, Photos: Mr. G. De Brouwer 32.2.707 5049

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