22 June 1998

Media Advisory

Informal Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers
Vilamoura, Portugal, 24-25 September 1998

  1. Information
  2. Defence Ministers of the North Atlantic Alliance will hold an informal meeting in Vilamoura, Portugal on 24-25 September 1998 under the chairmanship of NATO Secretary General, Dr. Javier Solana. The Portuguese Minister of Defence, Mr. Jos Veiga Simao, will host the meeting. A Media Centre will be located at the Forum of the Dom Pedro Golf Hotel.

  3. Accreditation and Security Check
  4. Belgium-based and international media representatives who wish to cover the meeting should complete the attached "request for accreditation" form (.PDF/35Kb) and send it no later than 15 September, 1998 to the NATO Press and Media Service whose address, telephone and fax numbers are found at the end of this advisory. Media representatives based in Portugal, should return their application to the Directorate of Information of the Portuguese Ministry of Defence in Lisbon. Press passes will be available for collection at the Media Centre from 10:00 on Tuesday, 22 September, on presentation of an ID card or passport and a press card. Press passes must be worn inside the Media Centre. An ID card or passport must be shown at any time upon request of the security personnel.

    All media representatives accredited to the meeting are advised that security personnel will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site. To avoid delays, media representatives must arrive early to be able to clear the security checks. Television, wire services and radio networks that have bulky equipment are particularly urged to move most of it as early as possible into the Media area.

  5. Media Centre
  6. The Media Centre staffed by NATO and the Portuguese Ministry of Defence will be established in the Forum of the Dom Pedro Golf Hotel.

    Tuesday, 22 September - accreditation starts 10:00 - 18:00 hours
    Wednesday, 23 September 09:00 - 24:00 hours
    Thursday, 24 September 06:00 - 24:00 hours
    Friday, 25 September 06:00 - until requirement ceases.

    The Media Centre will be equipped with adequate workspace, communication and transmission facilities. The telephones will be activated by PIN code. Codes wil be sold at the telecommunication desk of the Media Centre. Television containers will be made available at the Forum upon request to the Portuguese Ministry of Defence (see number below).

    For specific questions regarding television or radio facilities please call or write:

    RTP - RTP-Television - Telephone : + 351 1 794 72 76
    RTP-Television - Fax : + 351 1 795 45 43
    RDP - RDP-Radio - Telephone : + 351 1 382 00 06
    RDP-Radio - Fax : + 351 1 387 39 90

  7. News Conferences and Press Briefings
  8. The main news conferences of the Secretary General of NATO and national press briefings will take place at the Dom Pedro Marina Hotel. A TV interview room and one radio studio will be installed at the Dom Pedro Marina Hotel, and television radio journalists will find adequate transmission facilities.

  9. Transport - Parking - Visas
  10. A bus shuttle service to and from the airport as well as an information desk at Faro airport will be established.

    Private parking is not available near the Media Centre.

    Please check with the nearest Portuguese embassy regarding visa requirements.

  11. Accommodation
  12. Reservations at all hotels should be made as soon as possible via the attached list of contacts.

  13. Payments
  14. Visa, Eurocard, Amex and Diners credit cards will be adequate for payment. Currency exchange service is available at all hotels and banks in Vilamoura.

  15. Programme
  16. The final programme will be provided on accreditation at the Media Centre. Due to limited space, some media events can only be covered on a pool basis. Requests for pool cards should be made when checking in at the accreditation desk. The host broadcaster will cover the main public events and feed them back to the Media Centre where the coverage will be shown on video monitors.

  17. Enquiries
  18. For accreditation of media representatives based in Portugal or general questions regarding the meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers write or call:

      Ministerio da Defesa Nacional
      Gabinete de Comunicaao e Relaoes Publicas
      ATT: Comandante Carlos Soares Barata
      Av. Ilha da Madeire, 1
      1400 Lisboa
      Tel: + 351 1 303 85 20
      Fax: + 351 1 301 95 55

      For accreditation of all other media representatives or specific questions regarding NATO issues write or call:

        NATO Press and Media Service
        Mr. Franois Le Blvennec
        Boulevard Lopold III
        B-1110 Brussels

        Tel: + 32.2 / 707.50.38
        Fax: + 32.2 / 707.50.57
        E-Mail: PRESS@HQ.NATO.INT


    1. "Request for accreditation" form (.PDF/35Kb)
    2. List of Hotels

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