22 June 1998

Regional CEP/CIMIC Course, Almns, Sweden

From 29th June until 3rd July 1998, a Regional Course on Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) and Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) will be held at the Swedish Armed Forces International Command (SWEDINT), Regional PFP Training Centre, Almns, Sweden.

The course will be conducted jointly by the Civil Emergency Planning Directorate at NATO Headquarters, SHAPE, CIMIC Section and the Swedish Agency for Civil Emergency Planning (CB).

This course is open to participants from Sweden and the neighbouring countries. More than 60 participants from the Swedish Ministry of Defence and various civil ministries as well as from neighbouring countries are expected to attend the course.

The course is the fifth to be conducted in a Partner country. Its aim is to introduce participants to the organisation, role and functions of Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) and to the aim, basic principles and procedures of civil-military co-operation (CIMIC) within NATO's strategic concept and to exchange relevant information from the region, i.e. the Scandinavian Countries and their neighbours.

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