29 June 1998

NATO Information Seminar in Sarajevo

NATO will conduct a seminar in Sarajevo 2-3 July 1998, aimed at encouraging the development of democratic practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seminar will bring together political, defence, academic and media leaders from both entities and all three principal ethnic groups to discuss pertinent issues.

The Secretary General of NATO, Dr. Javier Solana, and the Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Mr. Jadranko Prlic, will open the seminar. Speakers will include the High Representative, Ambassador Carlos Westendorp, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Wesley K. Clark, the Hungarian Ambassador to NATO, H.E. Mr. Andrs Simonyi and officials from NATO Headquarters in Brussels.


The Seminar will be held at the Hotel Grand in Sarajevo. Media are invited to cover the opening session and formal presentations listed below. They are also invited to the reception at the end of the seminar.

Thursday, 2 July

09.00 Opening Session
Speech by the Secretary General Dr. Javier Solana
Remarks by the Foreign Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, H.E. Mr. Jadranko Prlic
09.30 "NATO and its Current Political Agenda"
Speaker: Ambassador Klaus-Peter Klaiber, Assistant Secretary General, Political Affairs Division, International Staff
11.30 "NATO's Contribution to Peace in Bosnia"
Speaker: Mr. Gregory L. Schulte, Director, Bosnia Task Force, Defence Planning and Operations Division, International Staff
13.00 Lunch Speech by Ambassador Carlos Westendorp, High Representative
14.30 "The Role of the Military in a Democracy"
Speakers: Maj.Gen. Harald Kujat, Assistant Director, Plans and Policy Division, International Military Staff and
Mr. Marco Carnovale, Partnership and Cooperation Section, Political Affairs Division, International Staff
16.30 "NATO Cooperation with Partners"
Speaker: Mr. Ulrich Brandenburg, Head, Partnership and Cooperation Section, Political Affairs Division, International Staff
20.00 Dinner speech by H.E. Mr. Andrs Simonyi, Ambassador of Hungary to NATO

Friday, 3 July

09.10 "The Role of Media in a Democracy"
Speakers: Dr. Jamie Shea, NATO Spokesman and
Mr. Simon Haselock, OHR Spokesman
12.30 Lunch Speech by General Wesley K. Clark, SACEUR
14.00 "The Role of Police in a Democracy"
Speakers: Mr. Richard Monk, IPTF Commissioner and
Mr. Chris Donnelly, Special Adviser for Central and East European Affairs, International Staff
17.30 Concluding remarks
18.00 Reception

Press passes will be issued to media representatives who wish to cover the Seminar and attend the reception. Only holders of a press pass will be admitted. To obtain a press pass, please fax your request to fax no. (+387-71)204 743. Press passes can be picked up at the registration desk at the Hotel Grand on 1 July after 15.00 or 2 July before 09.00 hrs.

For further information, please contact the Seminar office at Hotel Grand, tel: (+387-71) 205 444 ext. 127.

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