12 June 1998

1998 NATO Economics Colloquium,17th-19th June 1998

"Economic developments and reforms in Cooperation Partner Countries: The role of the State with particular focus on Security and Defence issues"

On 17th-19th June 1998, the NATO Economics Colloquium - an element of the Action Plan of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council for 1998-2000 - will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, at the invitation of the Slovenian authorities. About 150 participants will be present. They will discuss the rle of the State in the process of economic development and reforms in Partner countries, with particular focus on security and defence. The keynote speech will be given by Dr. Daniel Daianu, Minister of Finance of Romania. During the individual panel sessions, several pertinent areas will be discussed, i.e., the rle of the State in industrial restructuring, the State budget in a changing economic and security environment, the State and social security, the rle of the State in promoting technical progress and finally in the field of external economic relations. A special session on the rle of the State in coping with the risks of the shadow economy and economic criminality will also be held.

Journalists are invited to attend the opening session (on 17th June from 9.00 to 9.30) and the press conference (on 19th June at 18.15).

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