10 June 1998

EAPC Seminar on "The vulnerability of food and agriculture in emergencies and disasters", 15-17 June 1998

The NATO Food and Agriculture Planning Committee (FAPC) is organizing a Seminar on the "Vulnerability of Food and Agriculture in Emergencies and Disasters" to be held in Vienna on 15-17 June, 1998. This event is planned as part of the Euro Atlantic Partnership Council 1998 Work Plan for Dialogue, Partnership and Cooperation.

Over 100 participants from the North Atlantic Alliance, Cooperation Partners and Mediterranean Dialogue countries will be present. This Seminar will be hosted and co-organized by NATO and the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture.

The Seminar will be opened by the Director of Civil Emergency Planning at NATO, Dr. F. Palmeri. Under the chairmanship of the FAPC Chairman, Mr. B. Chevreau, and Mag.O.Premstaller from the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, views will be exchanged on experience gained in their respective countries with the aim to improve preparedness for responding to food and agriculture problems which may arise during and after an emergency. The seminar will also establish possibilities for the development of future Partnership Cooperation in this field.

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