29 May 1998

NATO-EAPC Research Fellowships Programme 1998-2000

The NATO Fellowship Programme was introduced in 1956 for citizens of NATO countries. During their Summit Meeting in May 1989, NATO Heads of State and Government decided to offer, in addition, a programme of "Democratic Institutions Fellowships" for citizens of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (NATO's Co-operation Partners). Implementing decisions taken at the Sintra Ministerial (May 1997) and the Alliance Summit in Madrid (July 1997), these two fellowships categories were unified and renamed NATO Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Fellowships Programme (NATO-EAPC). These fellowships were opened to candidates from both member countries and co-operation partners. The aim of this Programme is to promote study and research leading to publication in areas of particular interest to the Organization, primarily Alliance security and political issues.

This year the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is pleased to announce the award of 55 fellowships to citizens of EAPC member nations.

At their Spring 1995 meeting, NATO Foreign Ministers established the Manfred Wrner Fellowship. The purpose of this distinguished Fellowship, endowed with BEF 800,000, is to honour the memory of the former Secretary General by focusing attention on his leadership in the transformation of the Alliance, including efforts at extending NATO's relations with CEE countries and promoting the principles and image of the Transatlantic partnership. This year's winner of the Manfred Wrner Fellowship is the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. On behalf of the ACB, the Project Director, Mr. Ivan Iotov KRASTEV, has undertaken to work on a project titled "Enlarged NATO's Mission in the First Decades of the 21st Century".

For the first time this year NATO has established Institutional Fellowships for the Mediterranean Dialogue countries. The Atlantic Alliance is pleased to announce that five such fellowships have been awarded, one each to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania and Morocco.

The membership of the Selection Committee, the names of the NATO Fellows and their study are given at annex. For further information, please contact NATO's Academic Affairs Officer, Dr. Spyros C. Philippas, Tel: ++32-2 707.58.18, Fax: ++32-2 707.47.43, E-mail:


  1. The Members of the Selection Committee
  2. NATO Fellowships Winners 1998
  3. Curriculum Vitae - Ivan Iotov Krastev

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