5 May 1998

NADC sponsored workshop on Integrated Air Defence

Under the aegis of the NATO Air Defence Committee (NADC), a workshop on Integrated Air Defence with the Three Invited Countries will be conducted at Nieuw Milligen Air Operations Control Centre from 11-15 May 1998. The workshop is organized and hosted by the Royal Netherlands Air Force as a contribution to the process of Enlargement in facilitating preparation for accession of the Invited Countries.

Amongst the topics to be presented and discussed are :

  • Defensive Counter-Air Operations
  • Air Surveillance and Control Systems
  • Communication and Information Systems
  • Air Defence Fighter Operations
  • Air Policing
  • Integrated Air Defence Systems
  • National Air Defence Systems (provided by the Three Invited Countries)

The presentations and discussions will reinforce and supplement the activities being conducted in other fora and headquarters on technical and procedural aspects for incorporating the Invited Countries into the NATO Integrated Air Defence System (NATINADS).

The workshop will conclude with a day and a half air operations battle management command post exercise. The exercise will be computer assisted with the Air Operations Battle Management Simulator and will allow the participants to put into practice, in a realistic environment, the lessons learnt during the week's activities. This workshop is an important contribution in the field of air defence as the Three Invited Countries prepare for accession.

Participants will also have the opportunity to visit and tour the 710 Control and Reporting Centre Squadron and 711 Military Air Traffic Control Centre (MilATCC) Squadron of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to observe operations first hand.

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