29 April 1998

NATO-Russia Statement

on the 29 April 1998 Permanent Joint Council Meeting at Ambassadorial Level

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met on Wednesday, 29 April at NATO Headquarters.

Ambassadors exchanged views on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They focussed on the continuation of NATO-Russia cooperation in SFOR within the framework of the multinational force in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period following the end of SFOR's current mandate in June.

The representatives of NATO and Russia were informed about the meeting of military representatives under the auspices of the PJC on 21 April.

Ambassadors exchanged views and information on nuclear weapons issues. NATO and Russia welcomed the first exchange of this kind in the framework of the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council.

The next meeting of the Permanent Joint Council is scheduled for 20 May 1998.

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