26 Mar. 1998

Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine commission at the level of ambassadors 26 March 1998

Today, the NATO-Ukraine Commission met at the level of Ambassadors. The Commission reviewed the implementation of the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership between NATO and Ukraine, which was signed last year at the Madrid Summit by NATO Heads of State and Government, NATO Secretary General J. Solana and Ukrainian President L. Kuchma. Ambassadors noted with satisfaction that implementation is proceeding well, and renewed their mutual commitment to continue to develop the partnership in a dynamic way, including through implementation of the 1998 Work Plan.

The Commission noted with satisfaction the launching of the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform, which complements Ukraine's active participation in the Partnership for Peace, in the areas of civil military relations, resource planning and management, and officers and noncommissioned officers professional development. It welcomed the establishment of a Ukraine-NATO joint group in the field of civil emergency planning. Ambassadors highlighted the continuing NATO-Ukraine cooperation in the field of information, with the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Kyiv playing an important role.

The Commission welcomed Ukraine's active role in EAPC, noting in particular the EAPC seminar on resource management in defence spending hosted by Ukraine in February 1998.

Ambassadors also held a wide-ranging discussion on cooperation between Ukraine and NATO in peacekeeping. NATO Ambassadors appreciated Ukraine's important contribution to SFOR and welcomed Ukraine's readiness to further contribute to peacekeeping in Bosnia beyond June 1988.

The NATO-Ukraine Commission will meet again at the level of Foreign Ministers in the Spring of 1998.

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