11 June 1997

Appointment of General Wesley K. Clark, U.S. Army to Succeed General George A. Joulwan as Supreme Allied Commander Europe

NATO's Defence Planning Committee, in response to a letter from the President of the United States to the Secretary General of NATO, who is the Chairman of the Defence Planning Committee, agreed with great regret to release General George A. Joulwan from his assignment as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. They expressed to General Joulwan, in the name of their governments, lasting gratitude for his distinguished service.

To succeed General Joulwan, the President of the United States, having been asked to nominate an officer of the United States, proposed General Wesley K. Clark, US Army. In response to his nomination, the Defence Planning Committee today adopted a resolution appointing General Clark as Supreme Allied Commander, Europe with the same powers and functions.

General Clark will also be assigned as Commander in Chief, United States European Command, subject to Senate confirmation.

The release of General Joulwan and the appointment of General Clark will take effect in July 1997.

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