5 June 1997

NATO Research Fellowships Programme 1997-1999

NATO Fellowships Winners/
Laurats des Bourses OTAN

Winner of


Otmar R. HLL - Institutional
Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Problems - Perceptions - Policies
(On behalf of the Austrian Institute for International Affairs)



Eric REMACLE - Institutional
"Parliamentary Scrutiny of Peacekeeping Operations"
(jointly with Prof. Patricia Chilton, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom)
Joe VERHOEVEN - Individual
Avantages et inconvnients d'une "juridiction" de la scurit europenne.


J. Laurence BLACK - Individual
Understanding Russia's Objections to the Expansion of NATO Eastward. The Implications for NATO

Albert LEGAULT - Individual
L'OTAN largie: Faut-il prvoir de nouveaux mcanismes de rsolution des conflits et de nouveaux processus dcisionnels?

Jacques LEVESQUE - Individual
L'largissement de l'OTAN et le comportement internationale de la Russie.


Alinor BENOIST - Individual
Structure du systme d'information et politique des mdias en Serbie, Croatie et Bosnia-Herzgovine.

Frdrique BESSON - Individual
Les relations entre la Turquie et l'Asie Centrale dans le cadre des organisations internationales ou rgionales.

Patrick Klein - Individual
Le renforcement de la dimension europenne de l'Alliance Atlantique: efforts et ambitions de la France.


Dimitris KERIDIS - Individual
Greek-Turkish Relations After the Cold War - A Study in Foreign Policy Formation

Panayotis TSAKONAS - Individual
Creating Conditions of Stability in South Eastern Europe - Prospects for an Arms Control Regime

Despina TAXIARCHI - Individual
NATO's Enlargement: The Implications for the Balkan States


Fabrizio PAGANI - Individual
Are National Doctrines for Peace Operations Compatible ? A Review of the National Doctrines for Peace Operations and of How They Fit into the NATO Doctrine

Marco CESA - Individual
Beyond East-West Security: NATO's Functions of Management and the Stability of the International System

Filippo ANDREATTA - Individual
European Integration and Transatlantic Relations

Roberto MENOTTI - Institutional
"NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue initiative: Italian positions, interests, perceptions, and the implications for Italy-US relations"


Goran Jovanovic - Individual
Le dessin de presse, l'OTAN et la guerre en Bosnie, 1992-1995


Fernando REINARES NESTARES - Individual
Transnational Organized Crime as an Increasing Threat to the National Security of NATO Member States

David GARCIA - Individual
The Relations between the European Union and the United States. The Implementation Problem of the New Transatlantic Agenda's First Objective

Monica SAN JOSE ROCA - Individual
Le renforcement du pillier europen de la scurit atlantique


Suha BOLUKBASIOGLU - Individual
The Enlargement of NATO and the Turkish Public Opinion

Mustafa TRKES - Individual
The Attitudes and Roles of Turkey in NATO's Extending Relations with the East-Central European Countries

United Kingdom

Richard WHITMAN - Individual
"The Security Challenge of Europe's Southern Flank: A Comparison of NATO, EU and WEU Policies and Objectives"

Michael CODNER - Individual
The Effects of Technological Innovation and Development on Inter-Operability Within the Alliance and With Coalition Partners

Eric GROVE - Individual
The Changing European Security Architecture: The Future of NATO

United States

Thomas Alan SCHWARTZ - Individual
"NATO, Europe, and the Johnson Administration: Alliance Politics, Political Economy, and the Beginning of Detente, 1963-1969"

Robert P. GRANT - Individual
Coalitions of the Willing: NATO and Post-Cold War Military Intervention

Vladimir BROVKIN - Individual
Discourse on NATO Expansion in Russia



Halit DACI - Individual
The Impact of the Democratic Changes in the Albanian Army


Anatoli ROZANOV - Individual
"Comparative Analysis of Publications on NATO's Transformation and Enlargement in Belarussian Independent and Government Press, 1996-1997"


Plamen BONCHEV - Individual
Civil-Military Relations in the Process of Security and Defence Policy Formulation: A Case Study of Bulgaria's Participation in PfP

Galin KAMENOV - Individual
"Comparative Study of the Efficiency of Educational Programmes of the Army, Media and Non-Governmental Organisations in Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS among the Military Personnel"

Antoaneta CHRISTOVA - Individual
The Role of National Parliaments in the Decision-Making Mechanism of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Kristofor PAVLOV - Individual
Currency Board Solution in Bulgaria

Valeri RATCHEV - Individual
NATO and the South-Eastern European Security Perspectives: Implications for Evolution of the National Security Institutions and Decision-Making Process in Bulgaria

Evgeni TANCHEV - Individual
Amendments to the Bulgarian 1991 Constitution for Joining European Union as a full Member State

Nikolay MLADENOV - Individual
The Emerging Non-Proliferation Export Control Policy of Bulgaria After 1990

Ivanka ATANASSOVA - Individual
The Impact of Ethnic Issues on the Security of South Eastern Europe

Dimitrina MERDJANOVA - Individual
Nationalism and Religion in Central and East Europe

Andrey IVANOV - Individual
East European Security After the First Round of NATO Extension

Czech Republic

Milos BALABAN - Individual
Position and Task of Non-Government Organisations in the Process of Democratic Control of the Armed Forces and their Support for Achieving a Higher Credibility of Armed Forces in the General Public

Milan LUPTAK - Individual
Migration de travail et les institutions dmocratiques en Rpublique tchque l'exemple des travailleurs ukrainians
(jointly with Dr. Dusan Drbohlav, Charles University, Czech Republic)


Juri SAAR - Individual
Criminal Justice System and Process of Democratization in Estonia


Mamuka KUDAVA - Individual
Developing a Regional Approach in the Transcaucasus: Georgian View

Albert MENTESHASHVILI - Individual
Security and Foreign Policy in Central Asian and Caucasian Republics

Levan ALAPISHVILI - Individual
The Civil-Military Relations and Democratic Control on Armed Forces in Caucasus Region - A comparative study

Konstantin KORKELIA - Individual
The CIS Peace-Keeping Operations in the Context of International Legal Order

Naira MAMOUKELACHVILI - Individual
La dmocratisation du rgime politique de Gorgie dans la premire moiti des annes 90 du XXs


Gabriella ILONSZKI - Individual
Double Democratisation: The Impact of European Integration upon National Parliaments in ECE

Gyrgy LEDERER - Individual
Modern Islam in East Europe


Olga POZDNYAKOVA - Individual
Mass Media of Kyrgyzstan on NATO and other Western Institutions' Expansion in the Central Asian Region


Andris RUNCIS - Individual
Latvia Towards Europe: Internal Security Issues

Zaneta OZOLINA - Institutional
The Impact of European Integration Processes on Baltic Security

Girts Valdis KRISTOVSKIS - Individual
National Security Strategic Planning and Implementation in Latvia


Dovydas VITKAUSKAS - Individual
The Role of Security Intelligence Service in a Democracy

Grazina MINIOTAITE - Individual
The Security Policy of Lithuania and Integration Dilemma

Egidijus KURIS - Individual
Constitutional Review and Constitutionalism in Lithuania: Main Trends and Prospects for Development of a New Legal Tradition

Danute BUDREIKAITE - Individual
Financing the Development of SMEs (the Use of Risk Capital)


Wieslaw LUKASZEWSKI - Individual
Ethnic Stereotype and Prejudice Modification

Andrzej GLOWACKI - Individual
Segmentization Menace in Poland and its Implications to Poland's Integration with European Structures

Antoni PODOLSKI - Individual
"Political and Social Determinants of Legal Regime, Political Oversight, and Tasks performed by Special Services"

Jerzy JUCHNOWSKI - Individual
Polish Media in the Light of the Conflicts and Controversies between the NATO Members after the Year 1989 (on the example of the Greek and Turkish Conflicts of Cyprus)

Urszula KURCZEWSKA - Individual
The Polish Political Parties and their Visions of a New Democratic Order in Europe

Dariusz DOLINSKI - Individual
NATO in Polish Social Perception: Overt and Implicit Hopes and Fears

Andrzej CZAJOWSKI - Individual
The Prospects of Democratization of Russia: Between Stavophilism and Westernization

Jozef LAPTOS - Individual
Le rle du Conseil de l'Europe dans les relations entre les deux blocs politiques (1950-1990)


Oana PLESCAN-POPA - Individual
Ethnonationalism and Regional Security in Central and Eastern Europe

Ion JINGA - Individual
L'accession l'OTAN, l'UE et l'UEO: diffrences, similititudes et synergies. Le cas de la Roumanie.

Marius TITA - Individual
L'impact de l'opinion publique sur la politique de scurit et de dfense roumaine

Theodor TUDOROIU - Individual
La dimension balkanique de la scurit europenne


Sergey OZNOBISTCHEV - Institutional
Russian Armed Forces: Perspectives of the Military Reform and Evolution of the Military Doctrine

Nikita LOMAGIN - Individual
Democratization and Russian Foreign Policy

Alexander SERGOUNIN - Individual
A Safeguard against Anarchy ? Executive-Legislative Liaison Mechanism in the Democratic System: Some Lessons for Russian Foreign Policy Makers.

Natalia ERPYLEVA - Individual
The Role of Banking Regulation in the Development of Market Economy in Russia (Legal Aspects)

Sergei TROUSH - Individual
Russia's Response to the NATO Expansion: China Factor

Marina TICHONOVA - Individual
Defence Science in a Democratic Society and in Economy in Transition

Manana GOUSSEINOVA - Institutional
Russian and CIS Position on NATO Expansion Eastward

Alexander BOROZNYAK - Individual
The Role of Mass-Media in Developing Antitotalitarian Consciousness. Comparative Study of German and Russian Experiences

Irina BOGDANOVSKAIA - Individual
The Legislative Bodies in the Law-Making Process

Irina MODNIKOVA - Institutional
Challenges of the Military Reform and its Impact on Democracy Building in Russia

Andrey MAKARYCHEV - Individual
Ideas for Power. Double Role of Scientific Knowledge and Expertise in Public Policy Domain

Arbakhan MAGOMEDOV - Individual
Regional Elites and the Local Political Challenge to Centre-Periphery Relations in Post-Communist Russia: the Comparative Analysis

Victor ARTEMOV - Individual
Towards a Democratic Society: Trends in Russia's Everyday Life from the 1970s to the 1990s

Petr IVANOV - Individual
Russian Orthodox Church Revival and Democratic Transition in Russia

Serguei DANILOV - Individual
"Three Nations in Great Civil Wars and After; US, Russia and Spain: Cases of Democratic Renovation"

Tatiana PARKHALINA - Individual
Russian Perception of NATO and Future - European Security Architecture

Andrei FOURSOV - Individual
The Formation of the New Dominant Groups and of Democratic Order in Russia as the Factor of Atlantic Security

Yuri PIVOVAROV - Individual
Power Institutions in Post Communist Russia: Official Forms and Hidden Transcripts

Alexander A. GALKIN - Individual
Authoritarianism in Russia and Dangers for Democracy

Olga BUTORINA - Individual
EMU Construction and its Effects on the Consolidation Process between the EU and the Rest of Europe

Mikhail Baiakovski - Individual
L'Europe centrale la recherche de sa scurit. Le cas de la Slovaquie.

Viatcheslav CHILOV - Individual
La Recherche d'un systme de scurit pour l'Europe comme un lment de la dmocratisation de la Russie.

Republic of Slovakia

Ivo SAMSON - Individual
Security Policy of the Slovak Republic: Deficiencies in Meeting the NATO Criteria


Marina TEGIPKO - Individual
Foreign Investments in Ukraine: Venture Factors and the Ways of Their Diminution

Yaroslav MUDRY - Individual
Defining the Framework for New European Security: The Process of NATO Enlargement and Ukrainian National Interests

Viktor BUDKIN - Individual
Economic Aspects of Ukrainian Cooperation with NATO Countries: Modern State and the Models of Development

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