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25 Apr. 1997

NATO - Summit

Madrid, Spain, 8-9 July 1997

Date and Place

A NATO Summit meeting will be held in Madrid on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 July 1997.


  1. Media Facilities
  2. The Conference site will be the "Palacio Municipal de Congresos" of the Recinto Ferial Juan Carlos I. The Media Centre will be located at the nearby Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I. Details of the programme and media opportunities will be released when available.

  3. Accreditation
  4. Applications for accreditation should be made in writing and include the following

    1. Letter of introduction signed by the editor or a photocopy of the press credential issued by the Spanish, national or NATO authorities;
    2. Media accreditation form (.PDF, 13Kb);
    3. Photocopy of passport or national identity document.

    Applications should be sent to one of the following addresses:

    1. Media representatives based in Belgium

      NATO Press and Media Service
      B-1110 Brussels
      Tel: + (32-2) 707 50 38
      Tel: + (32-2) 707 50 57

      NATO-accredited journalists only have to fill in the accreditation form.(.PDF, 13Kb)

    2. All other media representatives

      Mr. Jesús Andreu
      Subdireccion General de Política Informativa Exterior
      Secretaría de Estado para la Comunicación
      Complejo de la Moncloa
      28071 Madrid
      Tel: + (34-1) 321 42 32; 321 42 33
      Fax: + (34-1) 321 42 31

  5. Pass Collection and Security Check
  6. Accreditation passes may be collected at the Secretaría de Estado para la Comunicación (Regionales building gate) between 1 and 4 July or at the Media Centre on 5 and 6 July from 11:00 to 18:00 hours and afterwards during the opening hours of the Media Centre.

    All media representatives are informed that security personnel at the Media Centre will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site. To avoid delays, media representatives must arrive in time to be able to clear the security checks.

  7. Media Centre - Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I - Madrid
  8. The Media Centre will be open from 14:00 on 7 July until 14:00 hours on 10 July.

    For information regarding the Media Centre, please contact:

    Mr. Francisco Martos
    Subdirección General de Política Informativa Nacional
    Secretario de Estado para la Comunicación
    Complejo de la Moncloa
    28071 Madrid.
    Tel: + (34-1) 321 41 45; 321 41 46
    Fax: + (34-1) 321 40 80; 321 40 90

  9. Visas
  10. Media representatives from some countries will need a visa for entering Spain. They should check with their local Spanish embassy.

  11. Accommodation
  12. Accommodation in Madrid should be made as soon as possible directly through the following central bureau specially set up for the event.

    Press Accommodation Centre - A.E.H.M.
    C/Virgen de los Peligros, 2
    28013 Madrid
    Tel: + (34-1) 531 5765
    Fax: + (34-1) 532 5080
    E-Mail: intersol@mad.servicom.es
    Contact person: D. Luis Díaz

  13. Transport
  14. Media representatives should use their own means of transportation to and from the airport or railway station. A shuttle service will operate between the Media Centre and pick up points in town, close to hotels designated for media representatives.

  15. Parking
  16. Parking areas will be available. To obtain a parking card, media representatives should complete and return the attached form.

  17. Programme
  18. A detailed programme and media briefing material will be available on accreditation. Due to limited space, some media events can only be covered on a pool basis. Requests for pool cards should be made when checking in at the accreditation desk.

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