28 Apr. 1997

NATO offers course on International Security to Bosnia

In an effort to assist Bosnia to build confidence and mutual trust in the military sphere, NATO has developed a two-week course on international security for military and civilian defence officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the staff of the Presidency's newly-established Standing Committee on Military Matters . Military officers from both the Federation and the Republika Srpska and from all three ethnic groups in Bosnia are invited to participate.

The course will be held at the NATO School (SHAPE) in Oberammergau, Germany, is scheduled for the period 23rd June through to 4th July this year, and will be open to 45 candidates of the military ranks of Major and above and civilian equivalent. During the first week the Bosnian officials will be provided with an introduction to European security structures, including briefings and discussions on the OSCE, NATO, the EU and the UN. In the following week the Bosnians will join a regularly scheduled serial of NATO's "European Security Cooperation Course", which is open to candidates from all 16 Allied countries, as well as OSCE states.

The course for the Bosnian officials, including transportation and living expenses, will be funded by NATO. If the course proves to be successful, a second course will be offered in December this year, with the possibility of further courses as a contribution to the peace consolidation process in 1998.

The Secretary General announced this course during the North Atlantic Council's meeting with the Bosnian Presidency in Sarajevo on 18th April.

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