Press Release (96)164

6 Dec. 1996

Visit by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland,
Mr. Flavio Cotti, to NATO on 11 December 1996


After the meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council on 11 December, the Swiss Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Flavio Cotti, will sign the Partnership for Peace Framework Document. He will meet the Secretary General and the Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council at 18:00. Mr. Cotti's departure is expected at 18:35.



18:00 Room 1: North Atlantic Council Session. Introductory remarks by the Secretary General, followed by Mr. Cotti's reply. The Minister of Foreign Affairs declares his country's adherence to Partnership for Peace. Coverage within the conference room by a restricted pool.
18:20 NATO main entrance. Meeting with the press. Departure of Mr. Cotti at about 18:35.


Journalists wishing to cover the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland will be allowed into the NATO premises on presentation of a NATO accreditation pass or a valid press pass. Photographers and cameramen wishing to be part of the restricted pool should contact Mr. Bob Van de Voorde.


General press arrangements : Mr. B. Van de Voorde, 32-2-707.4328
Video, TV, Radio : Mr. G. De Brouwer, 32-2-707.5049
Photos : Mr. A.-J. Soares, 32-2-707.5046

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