Press Release (96)32

8 Mar 1996

North Atlantic Council, Berlin, 3 June 1996

North Atlantic Co-operation Council, Berlin,
4 June 1996


A meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers will be held in Berlin, Germany, on Monday, 3 June 1996, followed by a North Atlantic Co-operation Council meeting on Tuesday, 4 June 1996.


  1. Media Facilities
  2. The conference site will be the Hotel Inter*Continental in Berlin. The Media Centre will be located at the nearby Hotel Schweizerhof Inter*Continental. Some press conferences will take place at the "Haus der Kulturen der Welt", John-Foster-Dulles Allee 10, Berlin. More information about the media facilities and a detailed programme will be given in a later Media Advisory.

  3. Accreditation
  4. Applications for accreditation should be made on the attached form (.PDF 23Kb) (Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) by 1 May 1996 to one of the following addresses:

    1. Media representatives based in Belgium:
    2. NATO Press and Media Service
      B-1110 Brussels
      Tel: Int'l + (32-2) 707 50 38
      Fax: Int'l + (32-2) 707 50 57 or 707 50 58.

    3. All other media representatives:
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      Spokesman's Office (Pressereferat)
      Attn.: Mrs. Klein/Mrs. Kuhn
      P.O. Box 1148
      D-53001 Bonn

      Tel: Int'l + (49-228) 17 20 99 or 17 22 20
      Fax: Int'l + (49-228) 17 32 45

  5. Pass Collection and Security Check
  6. Passes can be collected from 10:00 hours on Friday, 31 May 1996, at the Media Centre's accreditation desk on presentation of a valid press card and photographic proof of identity. The pass and the proof of identity should be carried at all times.

    All visiting media representatives to the NAC and NACC meetings are warned that security personnel at the Media Centre site will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried on to the site. To avoid delays, media representatives must arrive in good time to be able to clear the security checks. Television, wire services and radio stations that have cumbersome or bulky equipment are particularly urged to move most of it as early as possible into the Media area.

  7. Opening Hours of the Media Centre
  8. The Media Centre at the Hotel Schweizerhof will be open on:

      31 May: 10:00-19:00
      1 June: 10:00-19:00
      2 June: 10:00-22:00
      3 June: 07:00-22:00
      4 June: 07:00-19:00

  9. Visas - Accomodation
  10. Journalists from some countries will need a visa for entering Germany. They should check with their local German Embassy.

    Accommodation in Berlin can be arranged through the following organization (using reference code NATO CONFERENCE):

      DER Congress Organisation
      Bundesallee 56
      D-10715 Berlin

      Tel.: Int'l + (49-30) 857 90 30
      Fax: Int'l + (49-30) 857 90 326

    Media representatives wishing to reserve rooms should contact "DER Congress Organisation" directly and reserve rooms as soon as possible.

  11. Transport
  12. Transport from the hotel to the Media Centre should be organized individually. In view of the lack of parking space available as well as the necessary security measures, it is recommended to use public transport and taxis.

  13. Preliminary Programme
  14. A detailed programme and media briefing material will be available on accreditation.

    Due to limited space, some media events can only be covered on a pool basis. Special passes for these events will be distributed on an equitable basis at the accreditation desk from 16:00 hours on Sunday, 2 June 1996.

    Requests for pool cards should be made when checking in at the accreditation desk. All public events will be fed back to the Media Centre, where the coverage will be shown on video monitors. This material will be available via the Radio/TV distribution system in the Media Centre and on videotape (Beta SP)as well as audio cassettes.

    The tentative programme is as follows :

    Monday, 3 June 1996

      NAC meeting with the following Media opportunities :

      09:30 - Opening of Working Session
      12:50 - Family Portrait
      +/- 17:30 - Secretary General's and Delegations'news conferences and press briefings in "Haus der Kulturen der Welt".

    Tuesday, 4 June 1996

      NACC meeting with the following Media opportunities :

      09:45 - Opening of Working Session
      12:20 - Family Portrait
      +/- 17:30 - Secretary General's and other Delegations'news conferences and press briefings at "Haus der Kulturen der Welt".

  15. Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) and Deutsche Welle TV (DW) will be acting as host broadcaster for the transmission of all public events.

  16. Enquiries
  17. Accreditation: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Spokesman's Office (Pressereferat)
    Attn: Mrs. Klein/Mrs. Kuhn
    P.O. Box 1148
    D-53001 Bonn

    Tel: Int'l 49-228 17 20 99 or 17 22 20
    Fax: Int'l 49-228 17 32 45

    TV and Radio Sender Freies Berlin/Deutsche Welle TV
    Masurenallee 16-20
    D-14057 Berlin

    Phone TV: Int'l + (49-30) 262 65 68
    (Mrs. Ruhle) or:
    Int'l + (49-30) 229 22 77
    Fax TV: Int'l + (49-30) 238 47 00

    Phone Radio: Int'l + (49-30) 3031 1403/4
    (Mrs. Marquardt)
    Fax Radio: Int'l + (49-30) 3031 1409


    Map of Berlin (13Kb)

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