October 1997

Chapter 9: Production Logistics

Partnership for Peace (PfP)

930. The CNAD is playing an active and important rôle in implementing practical cooperation within the PfP framework. Some promising areas have already been identified which provide the substance for future cooperation activities: "Maintaining and upgrading ageing tactical aircraft" (NAFAG), "Ship design" (NNAG), "Ammunition and interchangeability" (NAAG), "Psychological readiness for multinational operations" (RTB) and "Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support technical standards (NATO CALS Management Board (NCMB)).

931. Partners also need to be provided with additional training and assistance in working with NATO technical documentation, and specifically NATO standards. To the extent possible, CNAD PfP activities are coordinated with related cooperation in other NATO bodies, and particularly with the Military Agency for Standardization (MAS) and with the NATO Standardization Organization (NSO).

Individual Partnership Programmes

932. Partners demonstrate significant interest in CNAD-sponsored cooperation activities as shown in the Individual Partnership Programmes (IPPs).

Establishment of CNAD Partnership Groups

933. The CNAD has invited the Main Armaments Group (NAFAG, NAAG and NNAG) to consider measures to open these three Groups and their subordinated committees to the regular participation of Partner nations. This step would offer Partners an opportunity to participate in Main Armaments Group work - particularly, information exchange - which is at the core of NATO armaments activities.

934. The opening of the CNAD Cadre Groups to full and regular Partner participation will provide Partners new fora to address aspects of materiel standardization. The CNAD Partnership Groups include AC/313, AC/250, AC/258 and AC/301.

Proposal to Launch CNAD "Partnership Armaments Projects"

935. The CNAD has developed a further initiative to offer opportunities for interested Partners to reap practical benefits from PfP cooperation in the near term, by engaging in selected small-scale cooperative projects with NATO nations and industry. This proposal, if endorsed by the NAC, should give NATO industry an incentive to assist Partners in the development of realistic proposals for near-term projects to advance, in particular, interoperability between NATO and Partner force.

Development of a NATO Defence Industrial Dialogue with Partners

936. A further significant development is the pursuit, through result-oriented opportunities for pre-competitive industrial cooperation, of the defence industrial dialogue with Partner nations, under the auspices of the NIAG. A first joint NIAG-PfP meeting will explore the possibility and scope for NIAG-Partner synergy in carrying out a prefeasibility study on a "Survivability design of ships, related to fire resistance".

CNAD Dialogue with Russia

937. In February 1996, the NAC endorsed a CNAD proposal to begin a process of dialogue with Russia in the armaments field. As a first step in such a process, contacts have been established with Russian authorities to explore their interest in a structured dialogue with the CNAD.


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Handbook on the Phased Armaments Planning System (PAPS) - 1992
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