October 1997

Chapter 8: Consumer Logistics

Western European Logistics Group (WELG)

812. The WELG aims at increased cooperation between Western European Union (WEU) members in the field of logistics support for WEU missions, and to provide greater efficiency in, and harmonization of, acquisition, consumer logistics practices. It develops logistic policy and doctrine applicable to WEU operations. The WELG reports to the WEU Council and consists of a Steering Group and three single-service sub-groups. Close liaison is maintained between the NATO and WEU logistics staffs. In order to avoid duplication and effort, the International Staff (IS), International Military Staff (IMS) and the MNCs attend the WELG as observers. The chairman of the WELG annually provides a liaison report to the SNLC.


NATO Facts and Figures
MC 319/1
NATO Principles and Policies for Logistics
MC 326
Medical Support Precepts and Guidance for NATO
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NATO Principles and Policies for Host Nation Support Planning
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The Movement and Transportation Concept for NATO

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