October 1997

Chapter 6: Logistic Support for Partnership for Peace (PfP)

General Areas of Logistic Cooperation

605. Most of the specific logistic activities in the PWP and IPPs and in nationally-approved bilateral programmes may be grouped as follows:

  • team visits to the Partner country to consider the scope of possible cooperation on logistics issues/courses;
  • information exchange, expert advice, technical assistance, logistics courses, logistics inputs in peacekeeping courses, logistics exercises;
  • more formal contacts, such as staff talks, seminars, workshops;
  • harmonization/standardization/interoperability of concepts, policies, procedures and other aspects of logistics structures and systems;
  • participation in Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference (SNLC), NATO Pipeline Committee (NPC), Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS) and other logistic committees and working groups.

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