October 1997

Chapter 6: Logistic Support for Partnership for Peace (PfP)

Partnership Working Tools and Working Procedures

603. NATO's PfP cooperation with Partners is based on a set of partnership working tools: the Partnership Work Programme (PWP), the Individual Partnership Programmes (IPPs) and the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP). There is a clear link between these working tools from which a routine cycle for PfP military cooperation has been established.

  1. Partnership Work Programme. NATO develops a PWP which describes the fundamentals of NATO's PfP cooperation and combines NATO's and Partners' cooperation activities on offer. The Political-Military Steering Committee (PMSC) is responsible for the overall coordination of the PWP.

  2. Individual Partnership Programme. The Individual Partnership Programme (IPP) is developed and updated with each Partner under the guidance of the PMSC and consolidates political, operational and planning aspects of individual PfP cooperation. The IPP describes the main goal of the Partner's individual cooperation with NATO and details the Partner's forces and assets available for PfP purposes. It is valid for three years although subject to a mid-term review. Once approved by the NAC and accepted by the Partner, the IPP is ready for implementation and can later be used for planning and budgeting purposes.

  3. PfP Planning and Review Process. The PARP is offered to Partners to provide a basis for identifying and evaluating forces and capabilities that might be made available by them. PARP planning targets in the form of PARP Interoperability Objectives (IOs) are translated into appropriate objectives and sub-objectives to aid achievement of the required level of standardization, as indicated in these planning targets, after a certain period. There are 22 logistics-related IOs (see Annex A). NATO supports Partners through appropriate activities for education, training, application and by evaluation of results in standardization efforts. These activities are included in the Partnership Programmes.

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