October 1997

Chapter 6: Logistic Support for Partnership for Peace (PfP)


601. The PfP programme is based on five political-military objectives laid down in the PfP Framework Document:

  • facilitation of transparency in national defence planning and budgeting processes;
  • ensuring democratic control of defence forces;
  • maintenance of the capability and readiness to contribute, subject to constitutional considerations, to operations under the authority of the United Nations (UN) and/or the responsibility of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE);
  • the development of cooperative military relations with NATO, for the purpose of joint planning, training and exercises in order to strengthen their ability to undertake missions in the fields of peacekeeping, search and rescue, humanitarian operations, and others as may subsequently be agreed;
  • the development, over the longer term, of forces that are better able to operate with those of the members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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