October 1997

Chapter 3: Logistic Support of the Alliance's
New Strategy

Logistic Factors of Reinforcement

324. In NATO, reinforcement planning involves:

  • consideration of prepositioning requirements;
  • the establishment of operational lines of communication (LOC) to sustain military forces while providing for the joint use of facilities required to sustain the civil population during crisis and war;
  • the integration of multinational civil and military requirements; and
  • the coordination of peacetime planning and control of available multinational civil and military movement resources in wartime.

325. In turn, essential functions of the LOC include:

  • reception and movement planning;
  • logistic engineering support;
  • security and defence;
  • coordination of strategic movement assets;
  • provision of medical support, supplies and hospitalization; and
  • where practical, identification of a single manager, broker, or lead nation to fulfil specific logistic functions.

326. To be effective, reinforcement planning depends on a wide network of organizations including LOC users, Host Nations, NATO Civil and Military Authorities, and the civil and military transport resources of Alliance nations. While the movement of forces is a task for the movement staffs, the effectiveness of reinforcement forces depends on the provision of bases and facilities, as well as sufficient logistic resources. There are, however, insufficient military transport resources to move and sustain reinforcement forces. This problem will be met, at least in part, by HNS, by prepositioning of stocks and equipment and by increased civil emergency planning in the identification and availability of civil resources for the support of military operations.


C-M(91)88...........The Alliance's New Strategic Concept
DPC-D(91)17.........The NATO Concept of Reinforcement
MC 55/3.............Readiness and Sustainability Factors
MC 319/1............NATO Principles and Policies for Logistics
MC 327/1............NATO Military Planning for Peace Support Operations
MC 336/1............The Movement and Transportation Concept for NATO
MC 400/1............MC Directive for Military Implementation of the Alliance Strategy

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