October 1997

Chapter 18: NATO Military Common-Funded Resources

Annex A

Capability Packages of Logistic Interest

Package Title
1A0002 Provide C2 IS for Northwest Region
2A0001 Provide initial Central Region wide communications support
2A0003 Provide peacetime field training facilities for manoeuvre ground forces in the Central Region
2A0004 Defensive air assets in Central Region
2A0006 Air transport and air refuelling assets in Central Region
2A0007 Air reconnaissance assets in the Central Region
2A0008 Offensive air assets in the Central Region
2A0010 ACE automated C2 information system (ACCIS) for the Central Region
2A0013 Provide and maintain fuel supply facilities for Central Region (less BALTAP)
3A0001 Provide command & control for the Southern Region NATO HQ
3A0006 Provide CIS facilties for command and control for maritime forces Southern Region (3HQ4302 & 3WI4302)
3A0007 Air Immediate Reaction Forces conflict prevention south east Turkey
3A0009 Provide facilities and equipment for Air Immediate Reaction Forces in north Greece
3A0011 Supporting air forces in northern Italy
3A0015 Facilities to receive, deploy and sustain land reaction augmentation forces northern Greece
3A0018 Facilities to receive, deploy and sustain land reaction augmentation force - south east Turkey
3A0019 Theatre Reserve Unit Army Readiness Package South support facilities (TRU/ARPS)
3A0023 Restore NATO pipeline system in Southern Region
3A0026 Facilities to receive, deploy and sustain land reaction augmentation force - north west Turkey
3A0040 Provide CIS facilities to control land forces (RF, AF, MDF) in Turkey
3A0046 Facilities for peacekeeping in former Yugoslavia (DENY FLIGHT)
5A0001 Provide ACE CIS contingency pool
5A0002 Provide communications support for command and control for nuclear sub-strategic forces
5A0003 Provide info system in support of mob/logs (ADAMS)
5A0004 Provide NATO-wide comms support for C2 (IVSN&TARE) (9B5016)
5A0005 Provide C2IS for SHAPE
5A0009 Initial ACCS implementation
5A0013 Provide and maintain facilities and equipment for NAEW support
5A0014 Maintain air defence radar coverage in Turkey
5A0015 Provide NATO nuclear planning system (5HQ0037)
5A0016 Provide interoperable CCIS to HQ Reaction Forces (AMF(L))
9B3012 Provide shore-based C2 surface (5A0006)
9B3013 Provide the North Atlantic CCIS
9B3014 Provide contingency assets pool of CIS equipment
9B3015 Provide shore-based C2 sub-surface communications (5A0018)
9B3020 Provide maritime surveillance
9B3061 Logistics replenishment and resupply
9B4040 Intelligence support
9B4050 Training and exercise facilities for ACLANT
9B4160 Maritime mine warfare
9B4180 Amphibious warfare
9B4200 Peace support operations
9B5011 Command facilities
9B5030 Maritime reconnaissance
9B5080 Electronic warfare
9B5150 Maritime surface operations
9B5170 Anti-submarine warfare
9B6090 Interdiction
9B6120 Air defence operations
9B6130 Offensive air operations

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