October 1997

Chapter 18: NATO Military Common-Funded Resources

NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP)

1818. The IC has overall management responsibility over the NSIP. New investment requirements will be agreed on the basis of the security needs of the Alliance and, consequently, eligibility for common-funding will not constitute any entitlement. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the facilities needed to meet crisis management requirements: communications; command and control; information gathering; mobility; flexibility of employment; reinforcement activities; and resupply (see Annex A for CPs of logistic interest).

1819. The basic principle of eligibility for common-funding under the NSIP is that requirements should be over and above those that could reasonably be expected to be made available from national resources. Naturally, this consideration is dependent on the strategic situation and importance of a region. This does not preclude, therefore, the possibility of common-funding, on a case-by-case basis, of limited critical additional facilities required by NATO to deal with exceptional regional risk factors or geostrategic conditions within the Alliance.

1820. The current NSIP is based upon NATO's overall need, presented in no particular order of importance, for:

  • intra-European theatre and transatlantic mobility of NATO Immediate Reaction Forces (IRF), Rapid Reaction Forces (RRF), and Reinforcing Forces;
  • flexible command and control of land, air and maritime forces;
  • surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence;
  • logistic support and re-supply;
  • ontrol of Lines of Communication (LOC);
  • training support and exercise facilities;
  • nuclear capabilities; and
  • consultation.

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