October 1997

Chapter 18: NATO Military Common-Funded Resources

Primary Common-Funded Resource Planning Instrument: The Medium Term Resource Plan (MTRP)

1807. The MTRP, which covers resource planning for the following budget year and the four subsequent planning years, is forwarded by the SRB to the Council for decision in the late Spring of each year. It is essentially a budgetary document, expressing requirements in quantitative terms. By expressing budgetary requirements within the Capability Package (CP) framework, the MTRP establishes the link between NATO's military common resources and the Alliance's strategic objectives.

1808. The MTRP provides an overview of the medium term feasibility and affordability of previously endorsed and future programmes, including manpower. The MTRP addresses issues which are of particular relevance to each of the military common resources of NSIP, military budget and international manpower. Specifically the MTRP sets resource allocation ceilings for the NSIP and the military budget for the next budget year and provides planning ceilings for the following four planning years.

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