October 1997

Chapter 18: NATO Military Common-Funded Resources


1801. Military common-funded programmes have always been and must remain an important aspect of the cooperation amongst Alliance members(1). NATO's military common resources consist of the NATO Security Investment Programme (NSIP), the Military Budget and International Manpower. The NSIP, formerly known as the NATO Infrastructure Programme, funds common investment necessary to enhance and update NATO's assets. The Military Budget funds the common operation and maintenance costs of NATO's integrated military structure. International Manpower provides the necessary manning of the integrated military structure. Accounting for these programmes is accomplished using the NATO Accounting Unit (NAU)(2).

1802. The overriding political benefit from NATO's military common resources is their contribution towards the enhancement of peace, security, and stability within the Alliance and will play an important role in the integration process of new members by:

  • reinforcing the process of cohesion, including the maintenance of a strong transatlantic link;
  • providing a strong affirmation of NATO's solidarity of purpose; and
  • continuing the successful practice of sharing roles, risks, responsibilities, costs, and benefits that bind the Alliance nations together.


  1. Ministerial Guidance 1997

  2. A notional currency which forms the basis for estimates and funding of common funded infrastructure projects. O&M and manpower costs. The value of one unit is established periodically by NATO vis-a-vis national currencies

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