October 1997

Chapter 16: Medical Support

Civil Aspects

1615. Full cooperation between the national civil medical authorities and the military medical authorities is necessary. On a NATO-wide basis, this coordination is the responsibility of the Joint Medical Committee (JMC). The JMC is a combined military/civil committee under the auspices of the NATO Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (SCEPC). Its mission is to carry out international coordination of civil and military medical planning. Its overall task is to see that the Alliance makes optimum use of its limited medical resources and is prepared to expand the essential medical and health services in all types of emergencies. The JMC provides civil experts in various medical disciplines to assist in operational planning or crisis response, and provides the primary medical advice to the NAC (through the SCEPC) during crises. During operational deployments, civil/military coordination with either host nations or other local authorities is normally carried out through the Civil/Military Cooperation Cell (CIMIC) at the deployed force Headquarters.


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ACE Medical Support Principles, Policies, and Planning Parameters
JMC Compendium of Technical Information for Medical Preparedness Within the Alliance
MC 326
Medical Support Precepts and Guidance For NATO
MC 335
Establishment of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS)
Hague and Geneva Conventions
NATO Emergency War Surgery Handbook

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