October 1997

Chapter 14: Movement and Transportation

Movement and Transportation Structure

1410. The Movement and Transportation structure must be capable of responding flexibly to Article 5 and non- Article 5 operations and should make best use of the NATO and national organizations. For the purpose of efficiency and simplicity, management of movements is always executed by the highest practical level as follows:

  1. NATO HQ. Provides the political and military guidance through consultation with nations for overall movement, transportation and mobility management.
  2. Nations.Provide command and control of national movement and transportation structure.
  3. Allied Movement Coordination Centre (AMCC). The Major NATO Command (MNC) agency for management of strategic movements.
  4. Joint Movement Coordination Centre (JMCC). The Major Subordinate Command (MSC) agency for management of operational movements within a respective region, if required.
  5. National Movement Coordination Centre (NMCC). The agency provided by the host nation for control and coordination of movements on their own territory.
  6. Theatre Movement Coordination Centre (TMCC). The agency to conduct either partially or totally the tasks and responsibilities of a NMCC, where no host nation authority exists, or when the host nation is unable to accomplish those tasks.
  7. National Support Elements (NSEs). Elements under national command and control which undertake national tasks and interface with NMCC or TMCC as applicable.

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