October 1997

Chapter 13: Multinational Logistics

NATO Commanders' Authority to Redistribute Logistic Resources

1302. Per MC 319/1 Annex A, NATO Commanders at agreed levels have the authority to redistribute specified logistic assets committed by nations for the support of the forces under their command. Redistribution is not a routine procedure but only a temporary expedient to overcome unanticipated deficiencies in support of an operational mission. Redistribution is not intended to redress national stockpile shortages. Nations are required to sustain forces as prescribed in MC55/3.

1303. Logistic resources provided by nations are integral to the forces assigned to NATO Commanders. Forces will deploy with a coherent logistic structure tailored to their anticipated employment and nations have first call on those logistic resources. However, the NATO Commanders may direct the redistribution of national logistic resources to overcome unanticipated deficiencies.

1304. Redistribution should not be confused with reallocation. Whereas reallocation is exercised only in a declared Emergency-in-War and only at the higher levels, redistribution is a logistic measure for NATO Commanders at lower levels to allow them to react very quickly in order to meet a critical operational need.

1305. All NATO Commanders have logistic responsibilities and authorities as specified in NATO documents. Redistribution authority is limited to NATO Commanders of multinational forces as follows:

  1. Land Forces: This authority is applicable to all NATO land Commanders below Principal Subordinate Command (PSC) level.
  2. Air Forces: This authority is applicable to all NATO air Commanders at PSC level and below.
  3. Maritime Forces: This authority is applicable to Multi-national Maritime Force (MNMF) Commanders and their supporting Multinational Logistic Commander(s) (MNLC) on behalf of the MNMF Commander afloat.
  4. Exceptions: This authority may be granted to individual NATO land, air, maritime or joint commanders, as determined by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) or the Defence Planning Committee (DPC), for specific deployments.

1306. Logistic resources are a capability which could be made up of equipment, personnel, supplies, and services. Logistic assets are subsumed into logistic resources and are viewed as material, spares, stocks and consumable items. Personnel are limited to those in formed logistic organizations and should be redistributed as a service. The logistic resources subject to redistribution are those considered by NATO Commanders to be essential for operational mission accomplishment. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Common user items such as: ammunition, fuel, medical supplies, water and food.
  2. Common support services such as: supply, transportation, recovery, medical services, laundry and bath, and material handling.

1307. Redistribution authority will not apply to: fixed installations; complete weapon systems; civil resources, except those specifically provided under HNS or other agreements; personnel replacements; and the provision of resources to non-NATO nations unless specifically agreed by the providing nation. Moreover, the following limitations apply:

  1. Prior to or upon transfer of authority (TOA) nations may designate specific logistic resources which are not available for redistribution.
  2. Redistribution is not a routine procedure but only a temporary expedient to overcome unanticipated deficiencies.
  3. Redistribution shall not jeopardize the survivability of the providing force.
  4. Redistribution shall only last until the deficiency situation is resolved, or the supported nation is able to sustain itself, or a higher NATO Commander resolves the problem.

1308. The redistribution authority granted to a NATO Commander comes into effect upon TOA of forces in his command and may be exercised in the execution of operations directed by the NAC or DPC in peace, crisis and conflict, and may only be effected in response to an operational need in the execution of the assigned mission. The NATO Commanders' redistribution authority is restricted to those logistic resources situated within his operational boundary.

1309. If time allows prior to effecting redistribution, or as soon as practical afterwards, the NATO Commander shall advise the affected national authorities and appropriate NATO Commanders of the redistribution action(s). Upon determination that redistribution is required, the NATO Commander shall direct applicable subordinate commanders of national elements to effect the transfer of the logistic resources.

1310. As soon as the operational situation permits, the logistic resources transferred under this authority will be replaced by receiving nations or, if agreed by the nations involved, reimbursed.

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