October 1997

Chapter 13: Multinational Logistics


1301. When tasking forces for employment options, logistic support planning is an indispensable part of force planning and generation. Logistic support concepts for multinational operations should take into account the following criteria:

  • that NATO and nations have a collective responsibility for the logistic support of NATO's multinational forces;
  • that the provision of appropriate logistic resources is fundamentally a national responsibility, and should be assured either individually or by cooperative arrangements;
  • that the NATO Commanders have an indispensable coordinating authority for the overall logistic planning;
  • that decisions on and planning for the implementation of the different modes of multinational logistic support such as multinational integrated logistic support, role specialization, commonly funded resources and the lead nation principle need to be undertaken at an early stage of operation planning and in close coordination between NATO and nations;
  • that national components should be logistically self-sufficient for an initial period, with continued follow-on support by the responsible nations as agreed between nations and NATO Commanders;
  • that appropriate authority should be given to the NATO Commander to control certain logistic assets, as made available by nations, and as agreed between nations and NATO Commanders;
  • that a sound balance should be kept between the required military effectiveness and economy of scales;
  • that, the case given, non-NATO nations are to be involved in the planning process at the earliest opportunity; and
  • that, if required, a close cooperation and coordination will be established with the United Nations (UN), the Western European Union (WEU), the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) as appropriate.

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