October 1997

Chapter 12: Host Nation Support

HNS Principles

1205. The importance of HNS as a key feature in the logistic support of the new Alliance force structures is apparent from the following principles, as contained in MC 334:
  1. Responsibility. Nations and NATO Authorities have a collective responsibility for HNS of NATO's operations.
  2. Authority. NATO Commanders have the authority to establish HNS requirements. MNCs have the authority to negotiate and conclude HNS agreements on behalf of sending nations, subject to their prior concurrence.
  3. Cooperation. Nations must ensure, individually or by cooperative arrangements, to include formal HNS agreements, the provision of adequate resources to support their forces allocated to NATO during peace, crisis and conflict.
  4. Provision. HNS is a fundamental supplement to organic support and will be provided by the host nation to the greatest extent possible, on the basis of national legislation, national priorities, and the actual capabilities of the host nation.
  5. Reimbursement. Reimbursement for HNS will be agreed by nations.
  6. Economy. Planning and Execution of HNS must reflect the most effective, efficient and economic use of resources available to fulfil the requirement.
  7. Visibility. Information concerning HNS agreements in support of NATO forces must be available to the appropriate NATO Commander.

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