October 1997


This Handbook, published under the auspices of the Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference, is intended as a simple guide to logistics in NATO. It does not attempt to examine current issues or to provide answers to the problems logisticians will face, but rather aims at introducing them to some of the basic principles, systems and organizations with which they will work. At the end of each Chapter is a list of the main references to which readers may turn for more detailed information on the subjects concerned.

In time of great change in NATO and the security environment it is inevitable that much of the content of the Handbook has had to undergo review. A number of important changes affecting the organization and functioning of the Alliance have been, or are about to be, implemented, and to the extent possible these have been reflected in this new edition. The continuing usefulness of the Handbook depends, however, on regular updating and this will be an ongoing process. If any reader has suggestions for its improvement or amendment he is asked to forward them to the SNLC Secretariat.

The NATO Logistics Handbook is not a formally agreed document, and should not be quoted as a reference. It does not necessarily represent the official opinion or position of the nations, commands or agencies on all the policy issues discussed.

SNLC Secretariat
Logistics Directorate
International Staff
1110 Brussels

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