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Standardization Agreements


Fact Sheets

About NATO
Sept. 2000 What is NATO?
April 1999 Achievements of the Washington Summit
April 1999 Background to the Alliance's Strategic Concept
April 1999 The origins of the North Atlantic Council and the Role of Summit Meetings in NATO's History
Sept. 2000 Key to NATO Acronyms and Expressions
May 2001 Committee on Women in the NATO Forces
April 1999 The NATO Science Programme

NATO in the Balkans
July 2000 NATO's Role in Relation to Kosovo
as of 27 Nov. 2000
  • Kosovo - Facts and figures
  • August 2000 NATO's Role in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    as of 8 March 2001
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina - Facts and figures
  • August 2001 NATO's Role in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1)

    Partnership and cooperation
    Oct. 2001 Partnership and cooperation
    (see also NATO Handbook, Chapter 3)
    April 1999 Civil Emergency Planning in the Framework of the EAPC
    June 2002 NATO and Russia
    October 2002 NATO and Ukraine
    Nov. 2001 The Alliance's Mediterranean Dialogue
    Nov. 2001 South East Europe Initiative

    NATO's Open Door Policy
    April 2000 NATO's Membership Action Plan
    April 1999 The Accession of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland
    April 1999 NATO's Open Door Policy

    Defence and security-related cooperation
    April 2003 11 September - 18 Months on
    Dec. 2000 Strengthening European Security and Defence Capabilities
    April 2002 Weapons of Mass Destruction Centre
    Feb. 2000 First ever joint WEU/NATO crisis management exercise, CMX/CRISEX 2000
    April 2000 NATO's Defence Capabilities Initiative
    April 1999 The Combined Joint Task Forces Concept
    April 1999 Reform of NATO's Integrated Military Command Structure
    Oct. 2000 Cooperation in Radio Frequency Management
    May 1996 Key Arms Control Treaties and Agreements, 1963-1995
    Aug. 1999 NATO Air Defence Committee
    Aug. 1999 NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Programme

    1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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