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Spokesman, UNHCR

Kris Janowski

Conference: Securing Peace: NATO’s Role in Crisis Management
and Conflict Resolution

Kris Janowski is currently UNHCR spokesman and head of the Media Unit at the UN refugee agency’s Geneva headquarters.

Prior to being posted in Geneva, Janowski worked as UNHCR spokesman in Sarajevo, both during the Bosnia conflict and in the aftermath of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Janowski also served as UNHCR spokesperson during the Rwandan refugee crisis of 1994 and the 2001 Afghan crisis.

Before joining UNHCR, Janowski worked as Voice of America radio correspondent in Moscow, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Balkans. He covered the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union and a string of conflicts on the perimeter of the Soviet “empire.”

Janowski is fluent in English, German, French and Russian.

He holds a master’s degree in English and a post graduate degree in international relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, Austria.

Janowski was born in Lodz, Poland. He left then communist-ruled Poland in 1983 and became a refugee in Austria. Janowski has dual Polish/Austrian nationality.

He is 47, married with two daughters, two step-daughters and one son.

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