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Senior Advisor on South East Europe, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Chairman of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy

Dr. István Gyarmati

Conference: Securing Peace: NATO’s Role in Crisis Management
and Conflict Resolution

Ambassador Gyarmati is currently Chairman of the Board of the Centre for Euro Atlantic Integration and Democracy in Budapest and Co-Chairman of the International Security Advisory Board for Southeastern Europe of the Geneva-based Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces.

He has been a Foreign Service officer since he graduated from the Budapest University of Economics, Faculty of Diplomacy, in 1974. His postings include member of the Hungarian delegation to the MBFR and IAEA (1981-86, Vienna), to the CSCE Follow-up Meeting (1987-89, Vienna), Head of Delegation to the CFE, CSBM, Opens Skies Negotiations (1990-92, Vienna), Head of Security Policy Department, MFA ( Budapest, 1992-96); Personal Representative of the CSCE/OSCE Chairman-in-Office in Georgia (1992-93), Chechnya (1995) and the Negotiations on CSBMs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1996), Chairman of the OSCE Senior Council (1995), Executive Secretary of the Budapest CSCE Summit (1994); Under-Secretary of Defense (1996-99), Chairman of the Missile Technology Control Regime (1998-99), Chief Adviser of the Foreign Minister on Security Policy and Chairman of the OPCW (1999-2000), Senior Vice President for Policy and Programs of the EastWest Institute.

Amb. Gyarmati holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and is a candidate of Strategic Studies. He is member of the IISS, of numerous scientific projects, Associate Professor at the Zrinyi Miklós National Defense University. He is author of numerous publications on security policy, European security, conflict management and Hungarian defense policy.

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