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YATA Seminar
"The Future of NATO"

15 - 16 September 2003 - NATO HQ Brussels

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15-16/09/2003 - YATA
YATA Public Diplomacy Discussion Paper (57KB)
The Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) Secretariat, NATO's Public Diplomacy Division (PDD) in partnership with the Atlantic Council of Slovenia (ACS) has organized a conference designed to engage youth members in an open discussion on their views of the Alliance, its future, and how they see their role within the organization.

Topics of discussion will include the nature of the Alliance after enlargement, NATO-EU relations, NATO’s civil dimension, and NATO and Youth – ways and means of working together. The conference will be held in Brussels on September 15-16 at NATO Headquarters and will include youth delegates from 25 NATO Member and Partner countries.

By bringing together and increasing contact with youth branches in other Atlantic Committees, YATA develops a dialogue that is strengthened and supported by NATO members and partners. YATA, as a youth organization, is dedicated to creating an institutional framework for coordinating and supporting national youth initiatives that educate and engage the youth on the importance of NATO.

The conference builds upon the success of the 2002 Prague Atlantic Student Summit (PASS) and NATO’s Public Diplomacy Strategy aimed at providing future generations of leaders and decision-makers with an informed and comprehensive understanding of NATO’s role in underpinning global security.

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Monday 15 September 2003
Welcome and briefing on "NATO and Youth: Why this relationship matters" by Dr. Stefanie Babst, Head, NATO Countries Section, Public Diplomacy Division   .WMV
Briefing and discussion on "NATO's transformation" with Eric Povel, Information Officer Netherlands, Public Diplomacy Division photos  

Panel discussion on "The Future of Transatlantic Relations"

Minister Counselor Martin Erdmann, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to NATO .WMV
Minister Counselor John Heffern, Political Advisor to the Permanent Representative of the United States to NATO .WMV
Panel discussion .WMV
Briefing and discussion on "How to carry NATO's message to the news media?" with Mark Laity, Deputy NATO Spokesman, Public Diplomacy Division photos  
Meeting with NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson and the presentation of the "Memorandum on the Future of NATO" including photo opportunity of the Secretary General with YATA representatives photos .WMV
Questions and answers with NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson .WMV

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