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“Transatlantic Defence
Industrial Cooperation
and Prospects”

18 July 2003


David O’Blenis

David O’Blenis is president of Raytheon Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company. Raytheon Canada Limited. has more than 1500 employees throughout Canada that serve the aerospace and defence sectors with a broad range of high technology products and services.

He joined Raytheon from Honeywell Canada, where he was President and Chairman of the Honeywell companies in Canada. In 1999, as President of AlliedSignal Canada, he led the Canadian integration of Honeywell and AlliedSignal. Previously he served as Vice President, Business Development and Government Affairs for AlliedSignal.

During his career in the Canadian Air Force Dave served at many leadership levels including a tour as the Director of Air Requirements, three years in command of Canada’s fighter and surveillance forces, and as the Deputy Commander in Chief of North American Aerospace Defence Command in Colorado Springs Colorado. He was decorated by the Governor General of Canada with the Order of Military Merit in the grade of Commander. Other decorations include the United States Air Force Legion of Merit.

His flying experience includes anti-submarine maritime patrol duties, air defence and tactical fighter operations, and advanced jet instructional assignments. Dave also earned ministry of Transport Private, Commercial, Flight Instructor and Designated Flight Test examiner ratings. He is currently active as a general aviation pilot.

Trained as an Engineer, Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of New Brunswick and a master’s degree in engineering from West Virginia University. He is a registered professional engineer and taught engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Dave and his wife Loreen reside in Ottawa.


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