Updated: 31-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

Annex to
2 Dec 1994
Report to

Work Programme - 1995

  1. Development of a Common Understanding of Operational Understanding of Operational Concepts and Requirements for Peacekeeping
  2. Actions

    1. To exchange views on concepts, terminology and national doctrines on peacekeeping, within the NACC/PfP framework;

    2. To hold a seminar on legal aspects of peacekeeping in Spring 1995;

    3. To broaden and deepen contacts and cooperation with the United Nations and CSCE on peacekeeping issues, and to encourage exchanges of information on this subject with other concerned bodies, such as the European Commission, and the Western European Union;

    4. Civil-Military Interface: to be taken forward as an aspect of work on humanitarian aspects of peacekeeping operations;

    5. Public Relations: a seminar to be held during 1995.

  1. Cooperation in Planning for Peacekeeping Activities
  2. Actions

    1. Command and Control: discussion, reinforced by experts, on the revised UK paper;

    2. Cooperation in Planning: to proceed in harmony with the work in other fora;

    3. Identification of Assets: to proceed in light of further development of the UN standby arrangements.

  3. Development of a Common Technical Basis in Peacekeeping
  4. Actions

    1. Communications: support for expert group work to develop a concept of communications and a feasibility study for a communications database;

    2. Equipment Implications: possible expert-level discussions of equipment requirements, including critical interoperability issues.

  5. Peacekeeping Training, Education, and Exercices
  6. Actions

    1. support for expert group work on peacekeeping course repertoire;

    2. consideration of PfP/NACC joint exercise after-action reports, and of similar reports offered by nations concerning relevant bilateral and multilateral exercises conducted in the spirit of PfP;

    3. consolidation and analysis of lessons learned in all PfP related peacekeeping exercises.

  7. Logistics Aspects of Peacekeeping
  8. Actions

    1. update the Compendium of Lessons Learned, based on national inputs;

    2. briefings on the UN peacekeeping logistics manual and the new SHAPE logistics course.

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