Updated: 31-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

of the North
in Permanent

11 July 1994

Decisions of the North Atlantic Council in Permanent Session Concerning Proposals of the Geneva Meeting of Foreign Ministers

The following decisions were taken by the North Atlantic Council at its Meeting today.

The Council:

  1. recalls the strong support of the NATO Summit for the success of the peace July process in Bosnia-Herzegovina;

  2. appeals to the parties to observe and prolong the cease-fire and to refrain from military actions, as well as to sign at the earliest possible date a comprehensive cessation of hostilities as a first step in implementing an overall settlement;

  3. welcomes and strongly supports the proposal for Bosnia-Herzegovina approved by Geneva Foreign Ministers meeting on 5th July 1994, and authoritatively supported by the Summit in Naples on l0th July 1994; and urges the Bosnian Parties to respond favourably to it;

  4. reiterates the willingness of the Alliance to participate in the implementation of a peace agreement;

  5. supports the provision in the Geneva plan for steps to be taken in the event that the Bosnian parties accept or reject the proposal;

  6. agrees that implementation of a number of these steps could result in the assumption of new tasks by the Alliance in former Yugoslavia at the request of the United Nations;

  7. in preparation for possible decisions to carry out such tasks, and bearing in mind the imminent further meeting of Foreign Ministers in Geneva, tasks the relevant NATO committees and NATO Military Authorities, in cooperation with UNPROFOR, to develop and update contingency plans;

  8. directs the NMAs to intensify coordination with UNPROFOR necessary to complete the contingency planning referred to in Paragraph (7) and, in response to the UN's request, authorises the NMAs to make available to UNPROFOR NATO Staff Officers to assist with UNPROFOR planning;

  9. throughout this process, agrees that the NMAs should consult closely with UNPROFOR on arrangements and means needed to respond to a potentially increased threat to UNPROFOR forces;

  10. decides that the Secretary General should advise the Secretary-General of the United Nations of the Alliance's intention to convene an early meeting of the Ad Hoc Planning Coordination Group. Its purpose would be, without prejudice to NATO's own planning responsibilities and decisions, to update countries contributing troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina on NATO' s planning for the implementation of a peace plan. We would invite Russia, in particular, as a member of the Geneva Foreign Ministers meeting, as one contact among a number of contacts with her, over consideration of the Geneva proposals;

  11. agrees that the Secretary General should immediately inform the Secretary-General of the United Nations and his Special Representative for the Former Yugoslavia of these decisions.

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