Updated: 31-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

the North
and the
of Russia,

22 Jun. 1994

Summary of Conclusion

  1. Both the Alliance and Russia have contributions to make to European stability and security. Constructive relations of mutual respect, benefit and friendship between the Alliance and Russia are therefore a key element for security and stability in Europe and in the interest of all other states in the CSCE area.

    Both the Alliance and Russia welcome the progress already made in their relations, including within the framework of the NACC, and seek to strengthen them further.

  2. The signature of Partnership for Peace by Russia opens a further important opportunity to develop relations through practical cooperation in the fields included in the Partnership for Peace Framework Document.

    The Alliance and Russia agreed to develop an extensive individual Partnership Programme corresponding to Russia's size, importance and capabilities.

  3. They agreed to set in train the development of a far-reaching, cooperative NATO/Russia relationship, both inside and outside Partnership for Peace. This relationship, aimed at enhancing mutual confidence and openness, will be developed in a way that reflects common objectives and complements and reinforces relations with all other states, and is not directed against the interest of third countries and is transparent to others.

  4. The Alliance and Russia agreed to pursue a broad, enhanced dialogue and cooperation in areas where Russia has unique and important contributions to make, commensurate with its weight and responsibility as a major European, international and nuclear power, through:

    • sharing of information on issues regarding politico-security related matters having a European dimension;

    • political consultations, as appropriate, on issues of common concern;

    • cooperation in a range of security related areas including, as appropriate, in the peacekeeping field.

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