Updated: 31-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

of the North
in Permanent

22 Apr. 1994

Decisions taken at the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Permanent Session (1)


  1. reaffirmed the readiness of the Alliance, as stated in the January NATO Summit, to support the UN in its efforts to protect Gorazde as authorized under UN Secretary Council resolutions 824, 836 and 844, noting also Security Council Resolution 913;

  2. reaffirmed its support for a negotiated settlement of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina and called for the intensification of the efforts to achieve a peaceful settlement; and in this context, welcomed the coordination and close consultation between the United States, the Russian Federation, the United Nations and the European Union, with the aim of bringing together current diplomatic initiatives;

  3. reiterated its determination to carry out its previous decisions in support of UNPROFOR as it carries out its overall mandate;

  4. demanded strict respect for the safety of UNPROFOR and other UN and relief agency personnel throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina and for the right of free access of all personnel to UN-designated safe areas, and reaffirmed NATO's readiness to provide close air support in the event Bosnian Serb forces attack UNPROFOR or other UN and relief agency personnel throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina or forcibly interfere with the conduct of their mandate;

  5. responding to the request contained in the UN Secretary General's letter of 18th April;

  6. agreed that Bosnian Serb actions in and around the city of Gorazde meet the conditions in relation to civilian centres identified by NATO on 2nd August 1993 as grounds for air strikes;

  7. agreed that unless:

    1. Bosnian Serbs attacks against the safe area of Gorazde (UN Security Council Resolution 824, paragraph 3) immediately cease;

    2. Bosnian Serb forces pull back three kilometres from the centre (to be specifically identified forthwith by NATO Military Authorities in consultation with UNPROFOR) of the city by 0001 GMT on 24th April 1994; and

    3. from 0001 GMT on 24th April 1994 United Nations forces, humani- tarian relief convoys, and medical assistance teams are free to enter Gorazde unimpeded, and medical evacuations are permitted,

      CINCSOUTH is authorized to conduct air strikes against Bosnian Serb heavy weapons and other military targets within a 20 km radius of the centre of Gorazde (but inside the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina) in accordance with the procedural arrangements worked out between NATO and UNPROFOR following the Council's decisions of 2nd and 9th August 1993;

  8. called upon the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina not to undertake offensive military action from within the safe area of Gorazde;

  9. invited the Secretary General to inform the Secretary General of the United Nations of this decision.


  1. Greece recalled her position as stated in the Council.

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