Updated: 31-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

Issued at the
meeting of the
North Atlantic

3 Dec. 1993

Summary of US-Sponsored
Peacekeeping Workshop

The US-sponsored, Department of Defense-executed Peacekeeping Workshop was held 7th to 11th November 1993 at the Marshall Center in Garmisch, Germany. One hundred and thirty-three delegates attended - at the colonel through major-general level and their civilian equivalents - from thirty-five NACC nations, three other Ad Hoc Group participating countries (Austria, Sweden and Finland), and five international organisations (NATO, UN, CSCE, WEU, NAA).

The Workshop analysed the feasibility of joint and combined multinational exercises among the members of the NACC in four key functional areas essential for combined peacekeeping operations. These areas encompassed:

  1. Logistics, Deployment, and Operational Compatibility;

  2. Doctrine and Rules of Engagement (ROE);

  3. Command and Control;

  4. Civil-Military (to include inter-agency/ministry) Relations.

While the delegates took into consideration the peacekeeping documents and practices of the United Nations (UN) and the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) during the deliberations of the Workshop, the primary focus was on the future activities of the NACC nations. Participants developed specific recommendations for the creation and execution of training programmes and exercises for NACC countries in the four operational areas mentioned above.

The findings and recommendations of this Workshop are intended to serve as a springboard for training and politico-military gaming programmes for combined peacekeeping operations, and for command post and, eventually, field exercises. The specific objectives of the Workshop were, in sum, to: (a) identify the crucial operational issues, and (b) develop recommendations for training and exercises programmes for effective and efficient peacekeeping operations among the members of the NACC.

There was broad consensus that the conduct of such exercises would be of benefit to all. Workshop participants, for the most part, also agreed that some simple, foundation-building exercises and politico-military games could and should be held in 1994 and that it would be useful to plan more sophisticated training programmes and exercises which might be conducted in 1994 and beyond.

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