Updated: 27-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus

by the
Meeting in

10 July 1992


on NATO Maritime Operations (1)

The North Atlantic Council meeting in Ministerial Session took the following decisions:


  • agreed on a NAT0 maritime operation, drawing on STANAVFORMED and other assets as appropriate, to monitor compliance with UN Security Council Resolutions 713 and 757 in coordination and cooperation with the operation decided by the WEU. The participation of the member states will be subject to the provisions of their national constitutions

  • agreed that practical details and modalities to implement the decision by Ministers should be worked out by NATO Military Authorities, in coordination with those of the WEU, for decision by the appropriate fora.


  1. The North Atlantic Council met in permanent session in Brussels on 18 and 20 November 1992 and issued the following statements:

    18 November 1992

    Today, the Council meeting in permanent session agreed in principle that NATO maritime forces would enforce compliance with UN Security Council Resolutions 713 and 757, in accordance with Security Council Resolution 787.

    NATO forces would coordinate and cooperate with the WEU and possibly other countries wishing to operate under the same UN Security Council resolutions. The NATO Secretary General will inform the UN Secretary General of this decision immediately. Further implementation decisions by the Alliance will be taken shortly on the basis of recommendations by the Military Committee.

    20 November 1992

    The North Atlantic Council met this afternoon to follow up its earlier decision in principle to support UN Security Council Resolution 787 aimed at enforcing the UN embargoes in the former Yugoslavia. The Council agreed that enforcement operations by NATO maritime forces can commence in coordination with WEU forces in the Adriatic.

    Subsequently the Defence Planning Committee met, in accordance with established Alliance procedures, to authorise the forces of NATO's integrated military structure to carry out the enforcement, to endorse the operational concept proposed by Alliance military authorities for NATO's Standing Naval Force Mediterranean (STANAVFORMED) and to approve rules of engagement for the force.

    In order to enforce strict compliance with the terms of Security Council Resolutions 713 and 757, all ships entering or leaving the territorial waters of the former Yugoslavia will be halted to inspect and verify their cargoes and destinations.

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