Updated: 25-Oct-2000 Ministerial Communiqus


13 Oct. 1986

Press Statement

Following the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

The Secretary General commented as follows at the end of the meeting of the Council at which Secretary Shultz briefed colleagues on the meeting in Reykjavik :

We expressed warm appreciation to President Reagan for his efforts to achieve outstanding results at Reykjavik and to Secretary Shultz for his detailed briefing on the meeting in Reykjavik. We agreed that possibilities for significant progress had emerged in a number of areas, and underlined the importance of following these up energetically in the appropriate negotiating fora.

We also felt that the opportunity to make progress in some areas should not be made hostage to difficulties in other, unrelated ones. Allied countries had tabled constructive proposals in all the negotiations on arms control and disarmament currently in train, and we emphasized our determination to continue to work for fair and balanced agreements respecting the legitimate security interests of both sides.

We were pleased to note that the US negotiators will return to Geneva with instructions to build upon the progress made in Reykjavik ; we emphasized the importance of making progress also in chemical and conventional disarmament ; and we looked forward to the CSCE follow-up meeting in Vienna as an opportunity both to measure and to make progress over the whole spectrum of East-West relations, including the all-important human dimension.

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